I have a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION to ask you.

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What do you want to be doing in a Year?

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Hi, my name is Jeff Muller and I have been an independant producer and songwriter for the past 20 years. After recording upwards of 500 projects, I started to notice the song forms that consistantly got favourable response from DJ's and regular airplay.

I would like to share what I've learned with you!

If you are serious about your career in music, please take 2 minutes to read this offer, it could save you years of heartbreak and give you years of happiness.

P.S. - I left you a gift at the bottom of this page just for reading this offer. Thankyou

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Producer / Composer Jeff Muller

Write Hit Songs and GET PAID

I've put EVERYTHING I've learned about writing outstanding songs into this amazing volume for you.

This is your songwriting success guide and it is loaded with five full sections packed with 27 chapters of NEED TO KNOW information, exercises and winning song formulas.

From finding inspiration to finding out how to get paid.

The 5 top radio formulas and the mistakes to avoid to ensure your song gets play.

Now...Where do you see yourself in a year?

What do you REALLY want to do?

Take a look at 2 possible scenario's for YOUR future below

Scenario #1:Enjoying Success Scenario #2:Still wondering how?

Scenario #1: Obvious Benefits

Wealth - Respect - Attention - Fame

I've been here, It's thrilling and exciting, but the best part was knowing everybody wanted to be where I was, on stage or in the studio. What a powerful feeling!

This is the good life.

Scenario #2: Obvious Disadvantages

No Money - Disrespect - Ignored 24/7

I've been here too. The worst part was that I could see in people's eyes what they thought of me. People looked down on me and I could feel it.

This is the sad reality for some of us.

It's not that hard to figure out where you want to be,

but HOW do YOU get to where you want to be?

It's all in the book, Write Hit Songs and get PAID

If writing the best songs of your life is important to you - You NEED THIS BOOK

Write Hit Songs and get PAID

I've devided it into five critical sections


Section1- Writing Hit Songs 

7 chapters devoted to creating the best songs of your life.

What part of the song you should ALWAYS start with.

When is the best time to write. Become an expert songcrafter in 20 minutes a day.


Section2 - The Writers Secret Weapon

Professional songwriters use these tricks and get results.

Chapters 8 to 13 contains amazing tools and exercises for developing and maintaining your creative muscle.

How to always be ready with great ideas, specific tips for working on problem songs.



Section3 - The Song Structure These seven chapters will change your life. The essential parts of hit songs and how to assemble a song as easily as stacking up blocks.

The Five Essential Radio Hit Formulas and why they are SO IMPORTANT to getting airplay.

51 awesome chord progressions arranged in 10 templates that are ready to use to create professional sounding music within minutes.


Section4 - Making Money, Making Music  Chapters 21 to 26 deal with MAKING MONEY as a songwriter.

Learn how a the music money stream works. Publishing and royalties explained. Learn why the songwriter always makes the big money and how to protect your songs.


Section5 - The Magic Formula  The whole final section of the book is devoted to the most successful hit making formula in history.

This information has NEVER BEEN RELEASED BEFORE ANYWHERE. Go ahead and try to find one producer or record exec who will share this information with you.

It is simply not available, search google all you want, you will end up back here because I HAVE THE ANSWER.

Just follow the checklist and make sure your song is chart ready. A step by step foolproof plan that will have you writing The Most Professional Sounding Songs in your LIFE!


This product will work for you if you have 20 minutes a day to devote to your future success in the music industry.


I am making you a promise that your songwriting WILL IMPROVE dramatically if you follow my guidelines!


I want you to Succeed!


I offer a full 60 day MONEY BACK Written Guarantee

Read What Recent Purchasers Said . .

I can't believe how much my songwriting has improved, and neither can my friends. I'm literally overflowing with ideas and I've written six new songs. You were right, these are the best songs I've ever written by far! Thanks Jeff.

Karen Humbolt, Maryland

'I Just WON a contest' 

I followed your steps and submitted 3 new songs into a songwriting contest here in Houston. Thanks to your new books one of my songs won and I won a thousand bucks and a demo recording package. Thanks Jeff, now I have a great song and I'm going to record it.

Steve Pollock
Houston, Texas

"I just got play"

yo,I just heard my song on the radio, that wuz the bomb. I followed the secret formula and I got played on an station for real man. You shudda seen my crew, they fellover.

Respect, Eklipz


The Magic Formula

This is section5, chapter 27 of "Write a hit song and get paid" It's in the book for you!

The most successful song formula of all time

Thousands of songs have become hits using these simple rules

This is the HIT BLUE PRINT to help your song get published and you get paid

We all know that pop music is formulaic, but what exactly is the formula?

Seems easy enough to set some words to music, but what are the qualities that make some songs hits, while others are passed over?

I am going to share some information with you that NOBODY else anywhere will. WHY? Because they don't want you to know.

Everytime an up and coming artist like yourself learns the secret formula it creates more competition for the stars.

I will show you the most successful song formula of all time!

The usual way most stars learn the formula is from other industry producers and hit makers over many years.

The traditional route to success is through years of paying thousands and thousands of dollars in studio costs and producers fees, If you can even find the right producer!

The shortcut that will save you thousands of dollars and years of heartbreak and frustration!

Don't bang your head against a wall, if you don't know the rules of radio song making you will have a very difficult time getting airplay!

Don't spend sleepless nights wondering why your songs aren't commanding attention, find out the answers, right now!

This is section5, chapter 27 of "Write a hit song and get paid" It's in the book for you!

While I can not promise that your song will become a hit, I KNOW that if you follow the step by step instructions you will instantly DOUBLE your chances of getting your songs on the radio.

Follow the Hit Formula checklist

The Top 5 Radio Formulas

The Most successful song times

The Important Rules for increased Radio Play

The Best Speeds for Radio Hits

Power Positions for Lyrics and Hooks

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Rock solid 60 day guarantee - A full TWO Months RISK- FREE!

If you really feel that this ebook does not help you write the best songs of your life - I will give you a full "no hassle" easy refund after 60 days

I am making you this incredible information available to everyone for 2 reasons.

Reason#1 - I want to share all I know with everyone who is struggling with success. I wish someone had offered an opportunity like this to me when I was young, it would have saved me literally 10 years of frustration.

I have been a Producer and Composer now for the last 20 years and I make a VERY comfortable living doing what I love.

In the process of helping so many different artists craft thier songs day after day, I began to see the success patterns.

The artists that were getting positive attention and airplay, AND WHY!

The only thing that I feel I can do, is take advantage of today's technology to offer you everything I wish I knew before!



Reason#2 This is a somewhat selfish reason.

I am building a new studio in Calgary, AB

Land prices and building expenses have gone up dramatically in Calgary and I need to raise some extra funds to complete my dream of having my own Recording Studio.

So, If you act now I will also include some valuable extra's

Bonus Section

Bonus #1

6 Great Music ebooks

1. LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR- a 65 page volume that covers almost everything you need to know about playing guitar

2. LEARN TO READ MUSIC EBOOK- an easy way to learn to read music

3. MAKING IT AS A MUSICIAN - many ways to earn a living playing music, 55 pages of fantastic "how to" info

4. LEARN TO TUNE A GUITAR EBOOK - always good to know

5. GUITAR CHORDS EBOOK - A complete guide to all the chords with illustrations

6. TOTAL ROCK GUITAR TABS - You'll amaze your friends with your new riffs

Find out more about this ebook package here


Bonus #2

Unleash the Creative New You

Unleash The Creative New You! is all you'll ever need to start bringing out that creative person and that imaginative soul that's inside of you. It's possible to break free from that monotonous, humdrum existence and start living the creative life you were always meant to live.

After reading this report, you will be able to understand what creativity really is, how it can help you live a more fulfilling life, and what you can do right now to wake up that sleeping creative giant within you.




Bonus #3

Sharpen Your Memory

Fact: Memory is like a muscle - the more it is used, the better it gets; and the more it is neglected, the worse it gets.

"How to Easily Remember Names, Faces, Numbers, Events, and Almost Any Information - Using Simple yet Powerful Techniques Even a 12-Year Old Can Apply!"

Did I Mention

If you Have a Hit Song that sells a million copies...

If you own the rights completely...

You will earn OVER $500 000 in royalties

This is from ONE song selling One million. More commonly you would have to split your royalties with your publisher, so you would recieve only $250 000. Remember thats based on sales of 1 million, most big hits sell 4- 6 million copies or more.

Sound to good to be true? Being the songwriter is one of the most lucrative ways to make money, making music. Imagine if you had 3 hit songs? or more?

"Some of the best songs I've written, I've written in 10 minutes".Christine McVie - Fleetwood Mac

*It's all in my book, 27 chapters devided into 5 main sections.

Section1- Writing Hit Songs 

Section2 - The Writers Secret Weapon

Section3 - The Song Structure

Section4 - Making Money, Making Music

Section5 - The Magic Formula

*If you are an aspiring songwriter, producer, musician or composer, you owe it to yourself to invest in this package.

*SAVE YEARS of frustration, wouldn't you rather just get this career building information and get started today?*By this time tomorrow you could be writing the best song of your life*

Rock solid 60 day guarantee - A full TWO Months RISK- FREE!

If you really feel that this ebook will not help you write the best songs of your life - I willgive you a full "no hassle" easy refund after 60 days

Get your copy now - only $17

Here are some common concerns and questions.

I don't have time

*You only need 20 minutes a day - Plus this songwriting package will save you literally years of frustration and thousands of dollars.

I don't have talent

*This songwriting package will help you write better songs, regardless of skill level or percieved talent. Write a few songs after using my songwriting practices and see what people start saying about your talent!

I don't have money

*One demo recording can cost $300 - $3000. If you record your songs before you have this information, you are probably wasting your money. P.S. - I've included a huge discount - get everything for about the price of a meal!

It's too hard

*Songwriting is hard to do, especially without this book. I've included Step-by-step instructions, guides, exercises and suggestions. Follow the book and songwriting will become easy!

What if this doesn't work for me?

*Full 60 day rock solid gaurantee*

This is too good to be true

*I know it seems that way. I've done my best. I filled the book with CRITICAL hit writing information. Then I wrote The Idea Generator because I felt that you would need this additional knowledge to have a serious shot at success. Then I included

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Write hit songs and GET PAID

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-- 60-Day Money Back Guarantee --
After reading and applying the methods in this book, if you do not radically improve your songwriting, or if for any reason you are not satisfied with anything this book teaches, please contact us and we'll issue a full refund immediately. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Remember you get all this for $17

9 Great Music ebooks


- a 90 page volume that includes *the writers secrets weapon *the magic formula *51 hit chord progressions * you will write the best songs of your life


- a 55 page book that will unleash your powers of creativity - useful for all aspects of your life!


- A good memory is essential if you want success as a musician or songwriter, 60 pages of powerful information


- an easy way to learn to read music


- many ways to earn a living playing music, 55 pages of fantastic "how to" info


- always good to know


- A complete guide to all the chords with illustrations


- You'll amaze your friends with your new riffs


- a 65 page volume that cover almost everything you need to know about playing guitar




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